Rental Property Income Tax Planning and reporting for Individual landlords and SPVs

The property tax framework is contentious. On the one hand, you have generous rent-a-room relief of £7,500 on the other hand, you have a higher rate of income tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty, and inheritance tax, set on securing a cut of your income. The right structure and proper planning are fundamental to your success as a landlord in these operating conditions.

Since 2017, the UK government has gradually replaced the finance cost deduction with a flat 20% finance cost tax relief. This change has disproportionally affected higher-rate taxpayers who own buy-to-let properties individually. The new finance cost regulations pose challenges for individual landlords. However, there are a few strategies that can optimise your tax position.

The reporting obligations for buy-to-let businesses, particularly Special-Purpose Vehicle Companies (SPVs), can be prohibitive. We understand that many investments are not profitable due to rising interest rates. Therefore, we offer our clients special discounts for buy-to-let SPVs to assist them during these turbulent times.

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